Rhonda Weppler

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Surprise ladybug

April 2020
Museum of Arts and Design, New York City

Don’t you just love it when a ladybug shows up unexpectedly? Make a tiny, realistic ladybug using a corn kernel, sewing pin and nail polish. It can either pin to a wall or a sweater. Mailing is a breeze: it rides on a paper leaf to your lucky friend!

The short version…

A corn kernel is first selected for having a shape most like a ladybug. The belly is flattened a bit with sandpaper or a nail file. Belly side up, the kernel is placed on a piece of sticky tape to keep it from moving while it is blackened with a permanent marker.

The kernel is flipped over on the tape and the shell is painted with nail polish or acrylic paint.

Once the shell has dried , the head and spots are added using a fine black permanent marker.

A pin is added to the belly. The pin is first shortened to a half inch in length by bending it until it breaks. The shortened pin then pierces through a tiny piece of paper and is glued onto the stomach of the bug. An earring back can be used instead to be worn as a sweater pin.

Clear nail polish seals the whole ladybug, also strengthening the pin attachment area.

To install on a wall, make a hole first with another pin before inserting the ladybug to avoid over stressing it.

The finished ladybug can be mailed on a leaf cut out if green construction paper, as shown. The sharp end can be covered with tape or a piece of eraser.