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Extreme cabin fever

March 2020
Museum of Arts and Design, New York City

When you are up for the challenge, make this more elaborate tiny cabin using interlocking toothpicks. Don’t forget the quinoa chimney! This little refuge can flatten and fit inside a regular envelope to reach a friend in need of some extreme cabin time.

The short version…

Walls and roof of the cabin are cut from thin cardboard.

They sandwich pieces of twist tie which allow the sides to fold up stiffly.

Toothpicks that have been soaked in brown food coloring for a few days are cut into logs. These are glued on to the cardboard cabin base so that the lengths alternate and interlock at the corners.

A toothpick lip is added around the edge of the roof so that the walls stay up once assembled.

Acrylic paint or nail polish highlights details such as the door and shutters.

A chimney made of a matchstick rolled in glue is fitted through a hole in the roof.

A backdrop forest can also be made to compete the little retreat.

In the wild…

It made it! The cabin I made in this video arrived at my friends Jay and Howard’s house in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Here it is with some other artworks above Jay’s desk.