Rhonda Weppler

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Nutty lockets: peanut

April 2020
Museum of Arts and Design, New York City

A close sister to the pistachio locket, this version is twice as big, and twice as bumpy. Again, just a bit of twist tie wire, paper, and nail polish transform a humble shell into a cabinet of creativity and love. And although there is room to include photos of yourself, this jewel still fits inside an envelope for easy shipping and handling.

The short version…

An empty peanut shell is painted with white glue mixed with food coloring and allowed to dry.

Wires cut from twist ties (or other thin wire) are formed into a loop with a tail, and laid into the interior of the shell. Glue and paper is layered over the tails to attach.

Once the glue has dried, layers of glue and food coloring give the interior a rich tone.

Once the exterior and interior have completely dried, clear nail polish provides a water-resistant coating.

Jump rings (bought, or made from covered paper clips or piece of wire) attach the two halves of the shell together. Photos can be glued inside, then coated with final nail polish seal.