Rhonda Weppler

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Smokin’ pop-up card

April 2020
Museum of Arts and Design, New York City

Make this cigarette, complete with burning ember and smoke, to satisfy those friends who are trying to quit smoking.

The short version…

A lit cigarette is made by cutting a piece of white card and coloring it in with pencil crayons and markers. The butt is created using crumpled aluminum foil and orange and black permanent markers.

A hidden back panel is created using aluminum foil and cardboard. The aluminum foil reflects light through the wax paper “smoke” to create the illusion of depth and movement.

A smoke pattern is cut out of black paper.

The space is filled with wax paper which is attached with strips of black paper and glue.

Patterns or a message can be etched into the smoke (wax paper) using a toothpick.

In the wild…

It made it! The card I made in this video arrived at my friends Nick and Paul’s apartment in San Francisco, California.