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Matchbox gumball machine sprinkle dispenser

April 2020
Museum of Arts and Design, New York City

Finally! The perfect gift for those special people in your life who love both baking and bubblegum machines. This little gadget stores sprinkles safely. When it is time for it to be called into action, the sprinkles are dispensed one at a time, just like a real bubblegum machine. This is the flattest bubblegum machine in the world, and can easily fit inside a regular sized envelope.

The short version…

A matchbox is fitted with pieces of cardboard punched with a aligning holes to allow sprinkles to roll out when the drawer is slid down.

A window is cut out and filled with recycled plastic.

The whole surface is covered with with white card and painted to look like a bubblegum machine.

The surface is covered with clear packing tape to make it water resistant. The refillable drawer is slid open to be filled with sprinkle pearls.

In the wild…

It made it! The matchbox gumball machine sprinkle dispenser I made in this video arrived at my friends Jacquie and Marty’s house on Bowen Island in British Columbia, Canada. Here it is, nestled in a card I made of a candy store shelf, sitting on a real shelf.