Rhonda Weppler

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Fly mobile

April 2020
Museum of Arts and Design, New York City

Make this meditative project, a gorgeous swarm of flies that your friend will never want to swat. Black beans topped with quinoa are key ingredients to this project, with a side of recycled plastic wings. Thin wire makes it possible for the mobile to be squashed up to fit in a regular sized envelope.

The short version…

Black beans are soaked overnight then pierced with wire to provide attachments for wings and to the mobile.

Wings are cut from recycled plastic, etching a wing texture with a nail.

The beans are painted first with silver acrylic paint, then a layer of white glue tinted with green food coloring.

Quinoa eyes are glued on and painted with red nail polish.

The flies are attached to a simple mobile structure made out of thin wire. Thread is used at the joints and to hang the mobile so that it can move more easily.